Digital X-rays

All you need to know about digital x-rays...

Digital X-rays

Radiographs in dentistry form the basis of even the smallest diagnosis and therefore hold critical importance in treatment planning. It is with the help of different types of dental radiographs that an oral surgeon can detect abnormalities, infections, fractures, and irregularities of the teeth or the supporting jaw bones, which are not visible to the naked eye.

Before digital x-rays were introduced, it was a rather difficult, time-consuming and costly feat to obtain radiographs on film. The equipment was not portable, the results not always accurate and the film was quite sensitive to damage. Digital x-rays however are convenient, easy, highly accurate and efficient. It is for these reasons that they have become an essential part of every well-equipped dental clinic and hospital around the world. The results can be viewed on a large screen connected to the camera and provide a better, much clearer view of the site of surgery.

Using digital x-rays dentists can also explain the procedure to patients who wish to understand the nature of the treatment better. This new technology reduces chances of error, and has paved way for impeccably accurate surgeries of the oral cavity. Records can be maintained on computers instead of films, and can be accessed easily in individual patient folders.

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