All you need to know about fillings...


Fillings are perhaps, the most common of all procedures performed at dental clinics around the world. This particular treatment is aimed at restoring the function and aesthetics of a damaged tooth. It is indicated in cases of cavities restricted to the crown portion of the tooth, tooth wear (erosion, abrasion or attrition), chipped margins, trauma, irregularities in the shape and size of teeth present naturally or congenitally, or for the closure of diastemas (gaps between teeth).

There are a number of materials that can be used to restore teeth, each having its own set of properties. The most popular and widely used material however, is composite. Composite is commonly referred to as the tooth-colored filling. It is highly versatile as it can be used for the restoration of both, anterior as well as posterior teeth. It also has high aesthetic value as it available in a number of shades that can match the tone of the natural teeth in the oral cavity. The impeccable strength of the material allows it to withstand the forces of mastication without fracturing easily. Cost effective, inert, non-toxic and non-irritable, composite fillings are relatively easy to perform, take considerably less time as compared to other materials, do not undergo shrinkage and therefore are not prone to causing secondary cavities, and are currently the best restorative options in both, functional as well as aesthetic dental procedures.

The treatment involves removal of the damaged portion of the crown followed by etching of the cavity to create micro-porosities. These micro-porosities allow for better adhesion of the filling material to the tooth margins. The composite is then placed into the cavity, shaped to match the natural anatomy of the tooth and then finally cured, or hardened. The filling is then polished to give a natural shine and even tone to the tooth.

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