All you need to know about hygiene...


We at Four Seasons Dentistry firmly believe that 90% of all dental problems can be avoided if a proper, thorough oral hygiene regimen is maintained at home. However, we help our patients out with education, top-of-the-line treatments, and a better understanding of what it takes to achieve a healthy smile round the clock!

Our team of highly qualified and experienced dental hygienists work towards making sure that your oral cavity is free from infection causing bacteria. We use ultra-effective cleaning methods and prophylactic treatments to assist you in maintaining quality hygiene. During your routine cleaning appointments, your teeth will be treated to a round of scaling, a procedure that involves removal of plaque, calculus, accumulated bacteria and food debris from places around the tooth and underneath the gum that cannot be accessed easily using a toothbrush. Scaling not only cleans teeth, but it also protects them from harmful infections of the gums including gingivitis and periodontitis.

We also encourage our young patients in particular, to get prophylactic fillings. These are entirely non-invasive and involve placing a thin layer of restorative material on surfaces of the teeth that are most prone to bacterial attacks. Our experts also demonstrate the correct techniques of brushing and flossing for patients so they can achieve optimal results at home.

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