All you need to know about implants...


Implants are, perhaps the most trusted of all missing tooth replacement options available in modern dentistry. Tooth loss can occur in a number of different ways, such as:

  • Gross, untreated cavities
  • Advanced periodontal disease
  • Trauma
  • General mobility following multiple extractions
  • Lack of proper oral hygiene
  • Cancers affecting the jaws

Unlike old methods of missing teeth replacement, the most common of which were dentures, implants not only replace the crown, but also the root. The biggest problem with dentures was lack of adhesion which led to problems associated with mastication as well as compromised speech and aesthetics. Dental implants on the other hand, are anchored deep within the jaw bone and in this manner, are the closest match to a natural tooth that a patient can possibly get.

An implant has three main components, the topmost part which is visible in the oral cavity is known as the crown, the middle portion on to which the crown is fixed is known as the abutment, and the third and most important component which is drilled into the bone underneath the gum, is the implant.

Some of the most prominent benefits of opting for dental implants over other means of missing tooth replacement include:

  • Impeccable strength and ability to withstands occlusal forces
  • Excellent aesthetics
  • Prevents degeneration of underlying jaw bone
  • Maintains natural tone and contour of the facial muscles, thus preventing premature aging
  • Restores complete masticatory and speech functions
  • No chances of displacement
  • Relatively easy to clean and maintain

Our team of qualified dental surgeons are available to help you understand dental implants better, and how they can help you. We chart our treatment planning following careful evaluation of the patient’s age, medical history and oral hygiene habits, all of which play an important role in determining the success of an implant, and selecting the right candidate for the procedure. Call today for a free Consultation