Laser Therapy

All you need to know about laser therapy...

Laser Therapy

With more research and technological advances, new techniques aided by the latest machinery are being introduced to dentistry. Older methods have become obsolete, paving way for state-of-the-art procedures that are twice as safe, effective, efficient and accurate. Among these new, revolutionary techniques is the use of dental lasers in a number of different treatments being performed at clinics and hospitals around the world today.

Lasers are highly versatile and have successfully been used to perform a number of chair-side dental procedures, for instance:

  • Removal of cavities
  • Cavity preparation
  • Soft tissue removal and gingival re-shaping
  • Curettage and debridement
  • Root canal therapies
  • Excisional and incisional biopsy of oral lesions
  • Treatment of oral sores, cysts and ulcers
  • Teeth whitening (commonly known as bleaching)
  • Cutting and contouring jaw bone
  • Hemostasis
  • Drainage and incision of abscesses

More and more dental professionals are now opting for laser-aided treatment because they are safer, guarantee precision, minimize and control bleeding during and after the procedure, promote rapid healing, do not require sutures post-op, reduce chances of bacterial infections and are generally a lot less painful.

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