All you need to know about orthodontics...


Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry that deals with correcting mal-alignment of the teeth, as well as developmental disorders of the jaw bones that may affect occlusion. Braces are the most common treatment from this branch, and are used widely to straighten teeth, restoring a proper bite.

Conventional braces function through three main components; metallic brackets, metal reinforcing wires and metal molar bands. Individual brackets are cemented onto teeth of both arches through which a metal wire is passed. These wires are connected to the molar bands. Through forces exerted by the wire, and proper positioning of the brackets, the teeth are gradually forced into their new positions.

Braces help relieve excess spacing or overcrowding in the arches. While the procedure itself is non-invasive, overcrowded arches may require planned extractions to create space for favorable movements. Because the wires exert controlled forces, the movements occur gradually over a certain period of time, it is for this reason that orthodontic treatments generally occur over a span or a year or two depending upon the degree of malocclusion. Once the desired movements have been achieved, the teeth must be held in their new positions with the help of retainers.

For patients concerned about aesthetics, porcelain brackets have also been made available which match the color the teeth. With another development, the lingual braces, a relatively new treatment in orthodontics, the procedure has been made entirely concealed.

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