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Dental Financing

Dental Financing Information for Salt Lake City, UT

Dental Financing in the Salt Lake Area

When you need extensive dental work, sometimes the budget does not allow it. Even if you have Dental Insurance, many times that doesn’t cover all dental expenses. Dental Financing through Care Credit is one option that many of our Millcreek, UT dental patients use to make up the difference. Most applicants are able to get financing approved through Care Credit and then are able to pay for their needed Dental Work in easy monthly installments.

Care Credit Dental Financing can be used for many Dental Services.

We can help you apply for CareCredit at our office if you don’t feel comfortable online. If you do not know what amount you need to apply to, you can schedule an appointment with our office, and then we will help you apply for the proper amount of CareCredit Dental Financing in our Salt Lake City Dentist office.

Care Credit can be used for preventative, restorative, cosmetic, orthodontic and any other dental services such as:

Need Dental Work but Finances are Tight?

We offer Financing through Care Credit

Care Credit allows you to get your Dental Work done now and then pay in easy monthly payments.

Dental Financing in Millcreek and Salt Lake City Utah

It is easy to apply to finance your dental work through Care Credit. Just follow the Application Link.

Dental Financing with Care Credit in Millcreek Utah