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Dental Inlay

Dental Inlay at our Millcreek Dentist Office.

A dental inlay is a type of indirect dental restoration. Unlike conventional fillings that are done directly on the damaged surface of the tooth, an inlay is fabricated outside the oral cavity, in a dental laboratory by technicians. The dentists at our Millcreek Dental Clinic then place the inlay in the patients tooth thereby restoring proper health and functionality.

Materials used in a Dental Inlay

The materials of choice for this kind of restoration are porcelain and composite, but metals such as gold may also be used, as per the patient’s preference. The procedure involves recording the fine details of the prepared cavity on the tooth with the help of an impression material. With the help of this impression and a composite/porcelain shade that matches the natural dentition, a restoration is then fabricated. Currently, inlays are created using computer aided manufacture and design which makes them highly accurate. One of our highly skilled Millcreek Dentists then carefully places and cements the restoration into the prepared cavity of the affected tooth.

Advantages of a Dental Inlay

The indirect method of fabrication in this case allows for impeccable precision and convenient cementation. The method effectively reduces chances of restoration failure and the development of secondary caries. It also reduces the overall chair-time for the patient as well as the dentist, making the procedure more comfortable and convenient as compared to conventional direct fillings.

Is a dental inlay right for you?

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Diagram of a Dental Inlay

Diagram of a Dental Inlay used at our Millcreek Dentist Office

Should you consider a Dental Inlay?

You may ask yourself, “What are the advantages of a dental inlay compared to a filling?”

Some advantages to a dental inlay are:

  • Strengthens the tooth structure
  • More durable than composite or amalgam fillings
  • Less expensive than a dental crown
  • Constructed to exact specifications of your tooth

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