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by Robert Snyder on Four Seasons Dental
Great dentist!

It was years since I went to the dentist. The staff was nice and explained things well. I felt like the prices were fair and lower than other places I talked to. I plan on going here again!

Emergency Visit

They came through in a pinch when my tooth was hurting before a long trip. They made room in their schedule and I appreciate that.


Good prices. Everyone seemed nice. I am satisfied with work done there.


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Gini Bradley Avatar

5 star rating   My husband and I are retired and our dentist in California was no longer practicing. We met Dr. Eric Smith while on a visit to Utah. He is now our dentist and we travel to Utah for our dental care. We enjoy the office staff and know that they will always have time for us.

Gini Bradley 11/03/2017
Alpha NuMaster Avatar

5 star rating   I broke a tooth having lunch with my daughter a patient of Dr Smith. She recommended I call his office. I got in to see him the next morning. He fixed the tooth (his shots are a "minor inconvenience"; he's that good). I HIGHLY recommend him. His staff is amazing and Dr Smith is the best!

Alpha NuMaster 5/03/2018
Kary Ginsburg Avatar

5 star rating   Dr. Eric Smith has been my family dentist for about 12 years. We've had many many check ups and dental procedures over the years and have always been impressed with Dr. Smith's skill and kindness. The staff is always friendly, professional and helpful. I would highly recommend them!

Kary Ginsburg 11/21/2017
Animatronic . Robotics Avatar

5 star rating   Dr.Smith is absolutely hands-down the best DOCTOR (much more than a dentist) out there. He remembers personal things, family details, he actually cares. And has a robot that will mill you a crown in minutes! Amazing.

Animatronic . Robotics 2/08/2018
Ricardo Ramirez Avatar

5 star rating   four seasons dental has been by far the best dental office I have been to. I have never had a bad experience with Dr Eric Smith or any of his staff.. if any one is looking for a new dental office or even want to switch Four Seasons dental is the place to go.. they are honest and upfront about costs!!! THEY ARE THE BEST!!!

Ricardo Ramirez 11/02/2017
adam norseth Avatar

5 star rating   I’ve have been a patient of Dr. Eric Smith for over 10 years, he single handed took my fear away of dentistry. It took me years to find such a professional and a Dentist that truly is concerned about your comfort level while doing a procedure , I refer all my friends and co workers to Dr. Smith for all their dental needs hands down, 4 seasons dental for me is the one and only. I highly recommend it to everyone, the staff and assistants are top of their game and the most important thing to them is your comfort... read more

adam norseth 11/16/2017
Kerry Bingham Avatar

5 star rating   Best customer service, best dental care, best staff! It’s nice to have FINALLY found a great dentist! Dr. Smith is excellent! Awesome with kids too!

Kerry Bingham 3/14/2018
Natalie Smart Avatar

5 star rating   Highly recommend Dr. Eric Smith! He really cares about his patients and is meticulous in his dental care. The best dentist I've ever been to! I used to take my kids (age 5 and 7) to a pediatric dentist, but recently switched them to Dr. Smith. They are great with kids too. The staff is great and they are on time with their appointments.

Natalie Smart 11/16/2017
Alex Nielson Avatar

5 star rating   I switched to Four Seasons Dental after a very unsatisfactory experience at my previous dentist and I absolutely made the right choice.

The people at Four Seasons Dental are all extremely friendly, helpful, and accommodating. I initially went in for an evaluation to see if I needed a root canal and after hearing a well explained recommendation, I received a very in-depth walkthrough of the what the procedure would entail, was provided the opportunity to ask questions/express any concerns I might have, then underwent the procedure all in the same visit.

The level of care provided by Four Seasons Dental... read more

Alex Nielson 4/03/2018
Marylyn Roh Avatar

5 star rating   As always, I got the very best treatment from Jessica and Angela. It's nice to be able to trust one's dentist to do keep one's teeth in good condition.Dr Smith is the very best dentist I've had in my very long life! I feel you guys are like 'family' after all these years! Love to you all, and Thanks! xxxxxxxxxMarylyn

Marylyn Roh 5/09/2018
Grey Harkem Avatar

5 star rating   I’ve been coming to Four Seasons for years! Dr. Smith is by far the best dentist I’ve ever had and the office staff is always helpful, friendly and knowledgable. It quickly became my family dentist, with four of my close relatives becoming patients as well. I would recommend this practice to anyone looking for a great and efficient environment! Thank you Four Seasons!

Grey Harkem 12/13/2017
Ray Steuber Avatar

5 star rating   Just moved to Utah.i decided to give four season dental a try. I needed to get a root canal done and a chipped tooth fixed. The assistant was very friendly and always checked in on my while they waited for the numbness to kick in. They explained everything very well before starting on fixing my teeth. They now what they are doing and everything went very smoothly. I highly recommend and will keep going back.

Ray Steuber 11/28/2017
Christopher Maupin Avatar

5 star rating   I love coming to four seasons. I had a root canal and I literally didn't feel a thing. Much more amazong than that is that they have a state of the art 3d printing system that creates custom crowns for you in office, while you wait. It took about 20 min to manufacture the crown and it for perfectly- no waiting for weeks for a lab to make It! Love the staff and Dr. Smith - really amazing place.

Christopher Maupin 2/28/2018
Ian T Avatar

5 star rating   Four Seasons Dental is a fantastic office! They take every measure to provide the very best service for their patients and it truly shows. Dr. Eric Smith, fellow doctors and staff have a passion for what they do. He and his team are friendly, courteous, professional and they work to build a dental plan for your needs which makes every visit one which you'll look forward to. With a clean and consistently upgraded office to the system technology they use to keep you informed of your appointments they make any procedure, even the billing, a painless matter. It's all smiles... read more

Ian T 11/21/2017
Dominique Greco Avatar

5 star rating   Came in and was helped almost immediately. All of the staff was cheerful and very welcoming. Thank you guys for the nice dentist experience and keeping me comfortable!

Dominique Greco 1/05/2018
Jana Beckstead Avatar

5 star rating   Seriously the best! They take extra care of you and make it as painless as possible. I have been going here for several years and nothing has changed in their customer care. I highly recommend them if you're looking for an excellent dentist.

Jana Beckstead 11/17/2017
alexis rambo Avatar

5 star rating   Technically this was my first time that I could remember, and both ladies who looked at my teeth were so kind, and SO informative. When I walked in, they immediately told me that they knew I was there before but I had to do more paperwork. When I was 8! They are great!

alexis rambo 3/12/2018
Abragail Poole Avatar

5 star rating   Best dental clinic I've ever been too. Everyone was extremely kind. It was my son's first visit, our hygienist was so patient and sweet to him.

Abragail Poole 3/01/2017
Lupe Torres Avatar

5 star rating   They are AMAZING!!! Dr. Smith is wonderful he is very gentle and compassionate. I trust my whole families dental care in his safe hands. The staff is super friendly and professional. Thank you Dr. Smith and all the staff at Four Seasons Dental

Lupe Torres 11/22/2017
MaryJane Ekstrom Avatar

5 star rating   I love the people at Four Seasons. The staff fantastic. They care about you and are professional and courteous. The doctors are gentle and knowledgeable. It’s so cool to be able to have your crowns made in one visit!

MaryJane Ekstrom 10/31/2017
kylynne cook Avatar

5 star rating   This place is amazing!! I was terrified to go to the dentist and let me just tell you I will never go anywhere else. They helped me stay calm before and durring my tooth extractions. I had little to no pain, everyone there is so nice. It was an amazing experience. And the price was great. They didn't push or make me feel bad about how I had let my teeth go. They are great. If I could give them 10 stars I would. Thank you keep up the great work!!!

kylynne cook 10/07/2017
Jess Dishman Avatar

5 star rating   I love this office! I worked for Dr. Smith for several years and have since chosen another career path. However, of all the dentists I have since worked for and all the things I have come to experience- Dr. Smith is, without a doubt, the absolute BEST dentist I have EVER met. He does EXCELLENT work, he is upfront in all his treatment options and pricing, he genuinely cares about each and every patient, and he is an amazing listener. The staff makes it a point to keep the schedule on time so you don't waste your time in a... read more

Jess Dishman 1/18/2017
Rifle Riley Avatar

5 star rating   I haven't been to the dentist in a while, and I had severe tooth pain. I came here to get it checked out and it turns out I needed a root canal. Dr. Smith was very thorough and nice, this is the best dentist practice I've ever been to. I definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a good dentist in the Salt Lake area.

Rifle Riley 9/05/2017
Shaun Ritchie Avatar

5 star rating   Dr Smith has built an incredible practice, and Dr Fairbanks and Rigby are great as well. I've seen all of them due to my challenging schedule. Now I come in on Saturdays with my younger kids. They're super helpful, flexible and they'll be sure to remind me of appointments via email, text and a phone call. Thanks Four Seasons.

Shaun Ritchie 4/22/2017
Ivonne Bryant Avatar

5 star rating   Dr. Smith and Dr. Rigby have treated us really well. They have been able to get my husband and I in even though our work schedule is hard to predict. They also have a machine that shapes your crown for you while you wait! So, no sending the mold to another lab and having to come back! Very cool!

Ivonne Bryant 7/26/2017
Madsandmiguel Cisneros Avatar

5 star rating   I decided to go here after reading all of the reviews. I had a great experience here. They were honest and not at all pushy like a lot of other offices. They are very laid back and it really is just a great place to be even if it is for dental work.

Madsandmiguel Cisneros 8/01/2017
Maya B Avatar

5 star rating   My entire family has been coming here for years, and now I bring my kids to Dr.Smith. He’s the absolute best! We come from South Jordan all the way to Murray cause he’s so worth it! He’s fast, efficient, and great at what he does. The staff is always super friendly and accommodating.

Maya B 11/08/2017
Heidi Jeffries Avatar

5 star rating   I have been seeing Dr. Smith for well over 10 years and I have to say I just love him. He has always been kind, caring, and compassionate. He takes great care of my family and I appreciate what a great job he does for us. I always get excited when I see Jessica is the one that will be doing my cleaning because she does such a wonderful job and I enjoying a my time with her. The staff has always made me feel comfortable and welcome. I highly recommend Dr. Smith if anyone is looking for a... read more

Heidi Jeffries 11/22/2017
Rocio Hernandez Avatar

5 star rating   I have been going here with my Son Damian for the past few months and I love it. They have super awesome staff, super comfortable environment. I will definitely be going back to these guys! Thanks Dr. Smith and staff! - Blanca

Rocio Hernandez 11/07/2017
Sayra Arana Avatar

5 star rating   First time seeing this dentist since I couldn't get into my original dentist office. And I will gladly switch over to them. LOVE the way the staff is so kind and the Docs are awesome. Explained step by step what they were going to do. The prices are the best as well. Thanks Four Seasons team!!

Sayra Arana 4/02/2018
Gay Shaffer Avatar

5 star rating   I am very scared oF dentists until I met Eric Smith. HiM and his staff understood my paranoia and we're very gentle and understanding. I have come her now for about 10 years or so and would go no where else.

Gay Shaffer 10/28/2017
Candice Nelson Avatar

5 star rating   I have been coming here for many many years. I have had a lot of friends come here as well. They are always friendky., Informative and happy. You are not just another appointment to them. They treat each person like they are important.

Candice Nelson 10/28/2017
Sharyle Lyons Avatar

5 star rating   Clean, cozy and welcoming is your experience here and that just the waiting room. The dentist and staff are knowledgeable and make your visit comfortable and address all your concerns. Great cash pay plan if you don't have insurance. Look forward to going back every 6 months even though I have moved to another city.

Sharyle Lyons 3/30/2018
Stacey Weaver Avatar

5 star rating   The best dentist and staff anywhere! I made a mistake trying others before this one, but by doing so, I know without a doubt they are the best around and worth the travel as well! Our kids LOVE going to see Dr Smith and can't wait for their next visit each time! He and his staff are also the only ones that have ever succeeded at making my husband feel at ease during checkups. They're great with all ages! When we've had any cavities, the

skill of Dr Smith makes the process quite painless - literally!

Stacey Weaver 4/05/2018


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Cory J. Avatar

5 star rating   Dr. Smith is the most considerate and personable dentist I've been to.  Par for the course, his entire office is the most organized and personable office I've been to. My entire local extended family goes to Dr. Smith. Thank you Dr. Smith and his staff!!

Cory J. 10/14/2012
Austin S. Avatar

5 star rating   I love coming here for my checkups. I have not had any issues and everyone has been really nice. The people that have worked on my teeth always explain everything they are doing as they go and let me know if I have any issues. This place is definitely less scary than a few other dental offices I have been to!

Austin S. 1/26/2018
Shareen K. Avatar

5 star rating   So I have been a patient of Dr.Smith for the past 7 years and counting.  I really love this place, yes i love it!  The staff is very very very friendly. The clinic is very clean which makes me feel super comfortable.  I do all my dental work here, and I won't trade it for any other place because they are very honest at this clinic, they don't just tell you to get stuff done when you don't need it, they truly are the best! I highly recommend them for all your dental work, cleaning, whitening etc.

Shareen K. 10/15/2015
Karen B. Avatar

5 star rating   This place is worth six stars, count 'em  The staff is fantastic. Cheryl & Jessica really helped me on my last visit. Dr. Smith is awesome!!  I can't say enough good things!  Ohhh...they have TVs on the ceiling so you can relax while having a dental procedure. Awesome right!!!!

Karen B. 10/07/2015
Katherine M. Avatar

5 star rating   My fav! Nice friendly staff. Dr. Smith and Faribanks worked with my oral surgeon to create my new smile after a horse accident. I recommend this dentist to anyone who enjoys smiling. 🙂

Katherine M. 3/15/2016
Drew R. Avatar

4 star rating   I went to this place because of an ad I got in mail and was looking for a dentist in my area. I chose to get the mega pled gift card for my first visit. Also I got a free pack of gum for just checking in here. That's awesome because I love to chew gum so much.

Finding this place wasn't that hard, but trying to access the building was difficult. The back of the building was locked, and there is no sign about anything, and when walking to the front of the building, it was locked as well.... read more

Drew R. 3/14/2016
Kris F. Avatar

5 star rating   The staff is amazing and so accommodating.  They are so kind.  They really know what they are doing.  Very gentle and explain everything they are doing.  The rate are very reasonable and they take our insurance where most dont.  I recommended them to several people.  Even our grown daughter now goes there.

Kris F. 5/14/2016

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